Great Expectations

This is one of those dreamy pieces. I want to write down, once and for all, what is it that goads me on, what drives me to plod through self-inflicted intellectual isolation  — while the world keeps having all the fun!

This is the dream. Things I will achieve in the next 3 years if everything works out as planned !

(it seldom does, reality seems to have a well-known Buzz-Kill Bias)

First – I will be a young, strapping cog in the administrative labyrinth of the Indian civil service. Or maybe, I will chose the Foreign services. (exotic locales, female spies trying to seduce you for national secrets!? , elitist luncheons, the good life )

Second– I will have my own little library. Everything that I have ever wanted to read. The list has gone up to 131 books. There will be a cosy bed beside the shelves, an ornate desk, a nice view through the window, an ash-tray, a medieval, wooden chess set, a world-class music system – with my personal collection of Hindustani, everything JJ Cale and BB King ever sang, Ghulam Ali ghazals etc. (maybe even some Eminem, Maroon 5, Bonobo). Also, I will have a collection of cute ink-pens and good paper to write on. And I will be scribbling furiously for my long-ordained writing debut. Wooo!

Third – I will be with some special woman. (those interested in applying for this position — may look at the Post-Script for details.)

Fourth – There will be frequently organized get-togethers with my tightly-knit circle of friends. All of whom are obviously members of the secret society which will, in a few years, optimize the world. We will formulate grandiose strategy, fine-tune existing policies and proceed with relentless ferocity, while continuing to look all cool and casual,  in pursuit of aforementioned modest goal. (as we all know, colonizing space and fiddling-with-time is the only respectable final goal for this august gathering of talents)

Fifth –  There will be holidays. and lovely cuisines. and fine wines. and beautiful conversation.

That is the five-point plan for awesomeness. Isn’t imagination wonderful ?

P.S.  special women shall have these special, shall I say, gifts — a taste for arts, better manners than myself — some etiquette training will do me a world of good,  curiosity, a love for argument and clear thinking,  insatiable appetite for sexytime (Borat!), and dare I hope – a capacity for old-fashioned romance.


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