This page is for those who love abstract thought, those who crave to attain the Nietzschean ideal of  “Beyond Good and Evil” . These are my “Notes from the Underground”,my errors, hopes and tribulations shall find a canvas here. After all, I am only human. All too Human!

Just kidding. I am actually a demigod who has a blogging fetish – ‘

The Ubermensch Incarnate.

Noosphere in flesh. (mostly bone — just bare essential, toned flesh!).

I should add a health advisory- this blog is not suitable for readers who are looking for vanilla banalities-couched-as-wisdom, I promise only melancholy.

A blog that will hopefully end up becoming a trove of thoughts and insights, gleaned during the hey-days of youth. The purpose is absolutely not, (vehement nodding of head), to show off  my cerebral peregrinations (phallic symbol definitely) to the rest of the world.

“Yes, of course we were pretentious –  what else is youth for? “

Julian Barnes, Sense of an Ending


Contact me at : ashishkashyap4@gmail.com


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